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Adding a new ship

  1. Find a decent ship image.
  2. Move/copy it to Client/Data/ships.
    Optionally you can rename it.
  3. Run the game and open the Ship Editor.
  4. Find the ship image you added and use it.
  5. Choose proper shield image.
  6. Set the appropriate ship layout size.
  7. Select "Space" and draw where it's supposed to be.
  8. Add rooms, walls, and doors.
  9. Adjust ship HP, class, and race.
  10. Press "Save" and select a proper name, and save the model.
  11. Find your ship model in Client/Data/models.
  12. Copy it to Server/models/ships.
  13. Make a ship icon (see below).
    NOTE: For everything to work properly all files related to the ship (ship image, icon image, model file) should have the same name, including the letter case.

Creating a ship icon

  1. Open your ship in favorite image editing program.
  2. Make the image 5% size of original.
  3. Add black border.
  4. Make everything inside the border white.
  5. Add some gray color if you want.