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Create a new Ship Design

A Gen ship is a ship model thing that is used by the game's event manager and ship shops. The easiest way to make gen ships for now is by using a dev shipyard system ingame.

  1. Version a0.5: Go to the Server/WorldGen/ folder Version a0.7: Go to Server/WorldGen/Events/ and open the WorldGen.xml​
  2. Version a0.5: There you can see 3 folders: Events, GenShips, GenShips_dev Version a0.7: There are 2 events in that file, one with: <event_param chain_event="SPAWN_SINGULARITY"></event_param>​, and another one with: <event_param chain_event="SPAWN_D31"></event_param>​ The first one is disabled because it's written as event2​.
  3. Version a0.5: Rename the GenShips folder to something else, and rename the GenShips_dev to GenShips Version a0.7: Enable the first event (remove the 2)​ and disable the second one (make it event2)
  4. Generate a new server universe (delete/move the database folder in the server folder and start the server application)
  5. You will now have a Singularity station with a dev shipyard as starting station
  6. Go to the shipyard system and find your ship there.
    Note: The shipyard system is not user friendly so if you have too many ship or system models they might not fit on the screen and there is no way to scroll. So to access the ones you need, remove the ship/system models from the models folder before starting the server. But don't forget to move them back once you're done.
  7. Install all the systems you want to have on your ship and hit create.
  8. Your ship will be created near the station, but you will not exit the shipyard screen (so it seems as if nothing happened)
  9. When the ship is created it will have name = RACE_CLASS_LEVEL_<What ever name you've entered in the shipyard screen>
    Note: If you want to create 2 ships with the same RACE, CLASS, and LEVEL then be sure to give them different names in the shipyard screen. Otherwise only one of them will be saved in the end.
  10. Once you have your gen ship ready - stop the server - by closing the server window or executing the command "/exit", it will save all the ships in the database.
  11. Go to Server/DataBase/Ships/ folder there you will see folders for each ship, folder name = ship's ID.
  12. By default ships have ID's like 1c89fce8-2684-4b15-8e9c-13546ba43fb9.
  13. But Gen ships that were made with the shipyard system have their ID's = Ship's name
  14. So if you have created a HUMAN, STATION, LEVEL4, named ASTER_BASE look for folder named HUMAN_STATION_L4_ASTER_BASE. This is your Gen ship.
  15. Copy this gen ship folder into the GenShips folder that you have renamed in pt. 3
  16. Now you have a gen ship that you can reference in the Events.
  17. Revert the changes that you did in pt. 3

Shops (Price and Rarity)

By default the GenShip's RARITY is 100 and price is 0. It means that this ship will never appear in the shops. If you do want to have your Gen ship appear in the Trader's shops then:

  1. Go to the GenShips folder.
  2. Open the data.dat file with notepad(or any other editor).
  3. Change the RARITY value to whatever you want.
    Notes: no space chars near the = sign, and all ship parameters should be on a separate line.
  4. Add a line PRICE=150 (or what ever price you want your ship's hull to have by default)
  5. Save the file.
  6. Now your ship will appear in the shops.
    Note: The actual price the trader will charge for the ship can vary.