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So, you want to know how, what, and why do you kill? Let's start!

What do i aim, OMFG?

So, here's an example of encouter :

You are on a LS. You get attacked by 2 LS. What do you do? Wrong. You must shoot, not run. Let me explain what to do :

  1. Aim at the weakest enemy.
  2. Destroy it's weapons.
  3. Finish it off.
  4. Aim at the second enemy.
  5. Destroy shields and keep your weakest weapon firing at them.
  6. Destroy it's stongest weapon.
  7. Destroy other weapons.
  8. Keep firing at the stongest weapon.
  9. Finish it off.

What do you do with other encounter, like 3+ LS killing you? Do steps 1 - 9 and repeat steps 4 - 9 until sector is clean.


  1. Never aim reactor. Reactors have lots of health and all enemies have capacitors anyways.
  2. Destroying weapons control will turn off all the weapons.
  3. Aim missile weapons first.
  4. Running is an option when your ship has low health.
  5. If you encounter a BS on a INT or LS, running is only option.
  6. If you can't even run, repair bridge, jettison everything your ship had, die, and return to this sector on a new ship.
  7. INTs have low health. If you have to choose between LS and INT, LS is fairly good option if you are fighting a lot.
  8. Don't die. Seriously. Don't do it!