Guides/SFX and Projectile

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SFX Guide

  1. Go to Client/Data/sounds
  2. Put the .ogg file here
  3. Go to Client/Data/sfx folder.
  4. Open one of the images to see how animation frames are stored.
  5. Draw an decent animation and name it.
  6. Make an .ani file with same name your animation has and open it with an editor (eg. notepad).
  7. Write these lines:
    FRAMES=(How many frames there are in the animation)
    DELAY=(Delay between frames switching in the animation, measured in ticks)
    SOUND=(.ogg file name in Client/Data/sounds)

Projectiles Guide

  1. Do steps 5, 6 and 7 of SFX Guide, but make it in Client/Data/projectiles and draw a projectile instead
    • Instead of SOUND=Something, use SFX=(Name of SFX you made for this projectile)
    • You can also add SHAKER=1 to make screen shake when ship is hit by this projectile.
  2. Go to Server/models/projectiles
  3. Make .prj file with same name as your projectile and open it with notepad (or another editor).
  4. Write SPEED=(Projectile Speed)