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NOTE : Read the guide before you try to play. This all is just some theory you MUST know.

If you are visiting this page, then you are probably new to the game. Let's start with basics!


W, A, S, D to move around

Q to use systems and pick up Cargo / Scrap

E to open / close doors

R to repair systems / hull breaches

F to extinguish fires

Enter to use chat

Starting the game

Singularity Station in a0.5

Launch Tachyon.exe (or Tachyon.jar if you are using Linux) and click "Play". Enter server IP and port you want to join, and click "Connect".

Once you entered the server, you'll spawn on a station called "Singularity station".

Go to system with a ship icon and close the game and never launch it again "buy" a ship. When you stand in the room with a system, just press Q to use it. After you "buy" a ship, leave the station and enter your ship. How? Use airlocks. When you are on your ship, power engines, weapons, medbay, and hyperdrive (aka HD) by clicking on power bars below the system screen. Once everything is powered, wait for HD to charge. While HD is charging, go to oxygen (aka O2) system and restore some oxygen you lost while flying to your ship.

If you have a friend, you can add him to crew by using bridge, clicking on "Crew" tab, clicking "Add", and entering your friend's name.

Nobody knows it exists

Your first battle

When HD is charged, go to the bridge and open tab called "Star Map". Then, click on the sector you want to go (You can only jump to sectors marked with circles), click "Set Target" and once the circle around sector turns blue, click "Jump". Jumping to a sector takes some time.

When you arrive to a sector, there might be some pirates who want to kill you! If you are under attack, go to weapons control system or a weapon you want to shoot with. Open the system menu. If you are using the weapons control, click on a gun you want to shoot with, and then click where you want to shoot. If you are using a weapon directly, just click where do you want to shoot. Once weapon is charged, you can fire it by clicking "Fire". If you want it to shoot automatically, click "Auto".

After you have killed an enemy, it will drop scrap. Jump to the place where scrap is dropped by using the bridge, clicking "Sector Map", clicking where you want to jump, and clicking "Jump". Scrap will be collected automatically when you jump on it, but you can also collect it manually. Just stand over scrap, press Q to pull it, and drop it near your ship, it will be attracted automatically. You can also walk into your ship while you are pulling the scrap.


Your ship is burning, most of systems are broken, there are several breaches on your ship, and you are dying? Don't worry! If you are the captain, you can remotely open doors with your mouse (left click). You can also use the doors system to do so. Open airlocks and doors, and wait. Fire will extinguish itself when there's no air. Or you can stand over fire and hold F to extinguish it manually. Now when nothing is burning, close the doors and repair all breaches, and then systems in following order: reactor, oxygen, weapons, bridge, HD, engines, medbay, doors, sensors. How do you repair things? Stand over a breach / broken system and hold R. Then, go to medbay and patch yourself up.

If everything is going too awful (for example, you are also under attack), you can repair bridge, jettison everything your ship has, kill yourself and return to this sector with a new ship.

Loads of money!

When you got a lot of scrap, you can upgrade your systems. Go to any system and (when you got enough scrap) click "Upgrade". Now after you have upgraded your ship, and collected more scrap, go to a star and find a trader. Go to bridge and take some scrap, just go to bridge, open "Cargo" tab, and click "Take Scrap". Then enter the trader ship and find a system you can repair your ship or sell / buy something with. Once you bought a system, it will appear in your ship's cargo hold. When you finished trading, go to your ship and put the scrap back. To do so, go to bridge, open the "Cargo" tab, and click "Put Scrap". And don't forget to install the systems! Just go to bridge again, click "Cargo", click on a system you want to install, click "Install", choose where do you want to install it, and finally, install this system. After reading this, you might have understood that bridge is the most important system.

NOTE: to buy stuff or repair, you need to have scrap in your inventory. If you want to upgrade systems, scrap must be in the ship's cargo.

Your own station

So you found an abandoned station, right? Enter and claim it. Just go to bridge and click "Claim". As you can see, the station needs a reactor, oxygen, weapons, and shields. Go get those systems, jettison them, bring them to the station, and install them. And finally, after loads of griding for systems, you got yourself a "Somewhat-Trading-Defense-Platform-Storage-Thingy" where you can store scrap and systems, sell consumables, and park your ship nearby and hope no one gets here and destroys it.

Ship level

Ship level affects the events starting when you arrive to a sector. The higher ship level is, the stronger the enemies are. Ship level is affected by amount of shields and amount of shots your ship can fire. For example, if you have 1 shield, a burst laser, and a basic laser, your ship level will be 4 because 1 shield + 1 shot + 2 shots = 4.

What do I do now?

In this game, there's not much to do. You just kill ships, collect scrap, and upgrade. If your ship level is 30+, and you are about to close the game in frustration because you have nothing to do, here's s list of funny things you can do:

  1. Race with somebody to sector 0:0.
  2. Kill a RAI boss with a LS (or with a bigger ship but alone).
  3. Get killed in mere seconds after joining Imperatus.
  4. Destroy the Imperatus Empire.
  5. arRPee somebody to death.
  6. HONK non-stop with Srul. WARNING: It might result in a ban depending on the server rules!
  7. Kill everybody on spawn. WARNING: It might result in a ban depending on the server rules!
  8. Watch anime while playing and get killed by a pirate which has sole basic laser and no shields, even if you have 2 or more shields.

Useful commands

Tired of Srul yelling at you for not using local chat? Want to view your Ship Level? Then, those commands are for you!

/Local or /L switches you to local chat.

/Local (message) or /L (message) sends a message to local chat.

/Global or /G switches you to global chat.

/Global (message) or /G (message) sends a message to global chat.

/Online shows players that are online.

/Shiplevel views ship level of the ship you are in.

I've got a question

If you want to ask a question, ask it in global chat, IRC or on the forum, and it'll get answered.