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This server is running on a0.5.1.

Connection details

Port: 30303
Launcher link: launcher link


  • jrb0001 (admin character is called "admin")

Special features

  • ChatBot is relaying all global chat messages to IRC and back.
  • Changes to configuration / game data is done on request (unless it would be cheating).
  • Modified Systems: Servers/Tachyonuniverse/Systems

Known problems

There are >100 players at spawn so the server starts lagging as soon as somebody enters spawn (sector 200:200). Please go away from there as fast as possible!


  • The rules may change and all changes are announced in the global chat.
  • Bugusing, cheating, etc. is not tolerated. If an admin needs to cheat, he has to use a special account for that.
  • All bugs, glitches, etc. have to be reported here.
  • Admins can break the following rules if it is necessary.
  • Shooting around at spawn is forbidden without explicit permission from the target's owner.
  • Do not kill / damage any claimed ships / stations. The reward is very low and you annoy other players.
  • Admins may destroy ships around spawn if their owner does not reply within a minute in case there is not enough space for new ships.
  • Old players have to help the new ones as good as possible.
  • Admins may do whatever they want to players which are at 200:200 and do not respond within 30 seconds.